Insurance for All of Life’s Risks

Life Insurance

Insurance coverage for your home and vehicles are very important, but what if something should happen to you?

Owning adequate life insurance is also extremely important to any sound financial plan. It provides money for your family at a time when it’s needed the most. As your Agent, we would like to help you develop a program that meets your personal insurance needs.


Choose from a variety of life insurance policies available to fit your personal needs.

  • Term insurance provides affordable coverage for a specific number of years.
  • Whole life insurance provides coverage for your entire life and builds cash value. (It just keeps building value, even when you’re not looking.)
  • Universal life insurance offers features of both term and permanent insurance, with more flexibility than other plans.
  • Combine the features from both term and permanent policies and you’ve got a customized protection package for your family.

A Boy’s Letter to His Dad

“I think of you a lot dear Dad,
since you’ve gone away.
I think of you and miss you
every hour of the day.

For you were such a pal to me,

and loved me, oh, so true.
Not only that, but, you were just
as good to mother, too.

We didn’t think we’d lose you;

you were so big and strong.
But when that awful sickness came,
you didn’t linger long.

They say you’re never coming back,

it makes me feel blue.
So I thought I’d sit right down,
and write these lines to you.

I hate to tell you all the news, 

for it may make you sad.
Things are so much different
since I lost my precious Dad.

But, I said I’d write and tell you,

so I guess I’d better start.
And I hope that you’ll forgive me, 
even though it breaks my heart.

You know that nice big house we had, 

my mother, you and me?
Well, we dont live there anymore,
for we had to move you see.

The landlord he was awful

and he said we could not stay.
For when the rent day came around,
my mother could not pay.

I heard her tell him how she missed your
paycheck every week.

And she was sad and cried so hard
that she could barely speak.

She went to work the other day,

but I can’t tell you where.
She said you’d feel so bad, 
if you knew that she was there.

She doesn’t earn much money, 

and the work is hard to do.
But i guess we’ll have to do our best, 
without the help from you.

I wish that I could help her,

but I’m so small you see.
I wonder why God took you Daddy
instead of taking me.

I guess I won’t go far in school,

like you wanted me to do.
For mother says it costs so much
that she can’t see me through.

Our neighbors say it’s all your fault,

for you didn’t buy the plan
that you were urged to purchase
from that life insurance man.

Oh, I know you meant to buy it,

because I heard you tell the man,
that you would “think it over”
and someday take the plan.

I’ll bet if you could just come back,

and see us for a day,
you’d buy that life insurance Dad,
and you’d buy it right away.

Well, I guess I’ve told you all the news

that I had better tell.
And I hope that you’ll forgive me
if it doesn’t sound too well.

But just one more thing I’ll tell you Dad,

just as soon as I possibly can,
I intend to do some business 
with that life insurance man.”