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Eight Top Optometry Trends for 2018 and Beyond
Professionals in the optometry field deal with ongoing change as technologies improve, regulations evolve, patient demographics change and so forth. In this whitepaper, we identify eight of the top trends in optometry, each of which indicate a way in which practices are changing today. Note that we are not stating these are the top eight, just that they are eight of the more significant ones. Also note that these trends are not listed in order of importance, so you may find a latter one more important for your practice to address than an earlier one.

Trend #1: Dental Model Approach discusses the dental model approach, one that may greatly affect the way in which successful optometrists practice in 2018 and beyond. What is the dental model? It involves helping patients to recognize the value of routine preventative care for eye health, just like dentists encourage regular brushing and flossing.
This trend is listed first because the article being referenced also provides excellent advice on how to evaluate trends to determine which ones need and deserve your focus. As you look at each of these in the whitepaper, determine if they fall within your comfort zone. If they do, great! If not, then take a close look at this quote from the same article: “Some of the greatest opportunities for growth occur when we’re willing to embrace new things.”
Next, the article recommends, as you schedule each week, find a way to focus on taking advantage of new opportunities, especially those you see as top priorities. You may prioritize a new opportunity because it allows you to provide better care for your patients; because it streamlines processes and procedures, which naturally leads to reduced costs; or because it protects your practice from costly liabilities. Determine what matters to your practice and then ensure that you focus resources appropriately.

Trend #2: Online Threat Battle
We will quote one more time. This article is from May 2017, but the challenge noted is just as true today, perhaps even more so. As literally hundreds of companies offer online optical products and services, from “frames and spectacles to refraction,” it’s more important than ever to…